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Dustcontol improves production processes


A real problem in the working environment of many printing works is the paper dust and strips of paper which arise during the printing process. The whirling dust is both unhealthy and troublesome for the personnel.

By equipping the printing presses with extraction points consisting of a number of suction casings, specially designed for the machines, the dust problem can be eliminated. A number of cleaning points can also be connected to the spotextraction system. Finally, the Dustcontrol system can be used as a separate “blowing system” to make the paper “flow” over the turning rolls.


Dustcontrol has provided solutions to countries world-wide and met the high standards required by the printing press market. The solutions are relativiely simple as we follow the laws of physics to guide our design.

Experience and skill enable Dustcontrol to customise the system to meet the specifications and requirements for each installation.


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  • Customised source extraction & cleaning systems
  • Suction casings


Dustcontrol solutions improve the production process with source extraction for slitters, folders and cleaning operations.

Some of our latest customers are: Manroland, Goss International, News International, MM Packaging 

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