Food Industry

The Food Industry has special requirements. Control of components and equipment used in production is extreme, with a special focus on migratory risk, surface finish and antistatic properties.

Dustcontrol has designed and installed many complete source extraction systems to the food industry. Each system has been unique and several have been designed to be installed in zone 22 according to ATEX Directives 2014/34/EU. So far we have aimed mainly towards cleaning and extraction systems in the ”dirty” side of food production, where there are generally lower hygiene standard requirements.

With our unique suction brushes and a complete source extraction system with all materials approved for food contact, we are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive Food Industry solution with a market leading combination of features. It will give us the possibility to discuss and solve issues where systems need to be fully integrated into the production process, including for recycling and much more.

Dustcontrol designs and installs complete source extraction systems in close co-operation with our customers. Our source extraction systems can be fully integrated into the production process for recycling or used for efficient and neat centralised vacuum cleaning.

In other words – Good for Food, by Dustcontrol.

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