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Fiberglass possesses numerous exceptional qualities that make it a sought-after material in a growing number of industries. However, the increased usage of fiberglass has presented challenges for production personnel and has led to a decline in production efficiency.

To address these issues, Dustcontrol offers reliable source extraction systems crafted from top-quality Dustcontrol standard or ATEX components, many of which are engineered and patented. Our suction casings are purposefully designed to fit equipment where dust is generated, including grinding and drilling machines, sanders, and saws. By utilizing our central vacuum system, dust can be efficiently collected and conveniently disposed of in a container. At Dustcontrol, we take pride in our extensive range of products that provide dependable solutions, long product life, and improved production efficiency.


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Gamesa, Lockheed Martin, EADS Airbus, Nautor, Gulfstream, Hatteras, Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering. 

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