Vacuum Producers

The heart of the system

The vacuum producer is the heart of the system. Here, the negative pressure is created that drives the system. In Dustcontrol extraction systems, the vacuum level is generally from 6–40 kPa.

Our normal source extraction and vacuum cleaning systems use turbopumps. This device has an ideally suited characteristic capacity for this type of system. Vacuum level increases as more resistance is presented, an important quality in minimising the possibility of blockages in the tubing system. For applications involving fume and light dust, such as paper, radial blowers are used. These have larger air flows and operate at a lower, relatively constant vacuum level. Our turbopumps and radial blowers have very high quality silencing, see technical specifications. All standard vacuum producers can be used for ATEX applications, provided that the vacuum producer is placed outside an ATEX zone.


Dustcontrol’s turbopumps are regenerative blowers. As the impeller rotates, centrifugal force moves the air from the root of the blade to the tip. Leaving the tip, air flows around the contour of the housing and is picked up at the root of the succeeding blade. The ”closed” area of the housing between the outlet and inlet, forces the air to atmosphere. The many blades on the impeller create increasing stages of pressure generation and result in a very stable pressure differential capability. This pressure generation causes heat to be generated naturally which dissipates in the air flow and through the blower housing. Noise reduction, particularly on the larger units is very effective. When two or more units are installed in parallel, they can be operated on demand for maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.

Radial Blowers

Dustcontrol fans are radial blowers, air is introduced at the centre of the fan wheel and forced outward with centrifugal force toward the fan housing. These fans can be operated fully restricted in a ”free-wheeling” condition without adverse effect and can therefore be operated without vacuum relief valves. The fans are designed for pressure and are overloading type units. They cannot be operated without being connected to the restriction of a tubing system. Operation above their maximum rated flow will result in overloading and the motor protection will trip out. To limit the power surge at start-up, install a shutter valve on the inlet which should be closed when the fan starts.

Dustcontrol’s radial fans meet the ErP directive 2009/125/ EC. The ErP, Energy related products directive 2009/125/ EC aims to lower the energy consumption for fans. Commission Regulation (EU) No 327/2011 states how to implement this directive. The efficiency requirements affect Dustcontrol´s RAF-range.

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