DC Box

Dustcontrol_Compact Vacuum Systems_DC Box_01

Dustcontrol_Compact Vacuum Systems_DC Box_01


The DC Box is a especially designed fume cupboard that protects against hazardous dust during decontamination and cleaning before servicing or repairing machines and tools. The DC Box is equipped with a blow gun and a suction hose for vacuum cleaning. Larger particles and debris fall down into a plastic bag/container attached to the bottom of the cabinet. The DC Box fume cupboard is easy to work with. Tools and machines are placed onto the rotating worktable and slid in through the side door. These are then cleaned either by vacuuming or using compressed air. The fine dust is vacuumed up and transported away via a tubing system to a complete central unit located either in or outdoors. The size of the central unit and dimensioning of the tubing system is tailored to the needs of the customer. The system can be expanded so that it can also be used as a central extraction system with connections that are easily accessible across the entire worksite.


  • Possibility to choose between the discharge options container (A), bag (C) or longopac (L) as standard.
  • A large window for a good view
  • Integrated air blow gun and suction hose
  • Adjustable working height
  • A trolley which is horizontal rotatable by 360 degrees to facilitate the cleaning operation
  • Outer dimensions of the fume cupboard fit on a standard European pallet  to transport the DC-Box in a safe and cost-effective way.

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