Pre-Separators can be used in all applications where the extracted material is coarse or voluminous. These can be placed in the actual workplace for separate handling or recovery of the extracted material, or centrally to relieve filter loading.

Pre-Separators separate material from the air flow using the action of a cyclone or with inertial separation. The Cyclone Principle is very effective in separating particles down to 1/100 mm.

Inertial separators are generally configured as containers with the inlet and outlet in the same wall of the container. When the air flow changes direction abruptly, separation occurs for the particles with higher relative mass.

Dustcontrol CompactVacuumSystems Cyclone Principle 300x212
Cyclone Principle – Meaning that the inlet is mounted tangentially on the body and the air flow is thus forced against the inside of the cyclone.
Dustcontrol CompactVacuumSystems Inertial Principle 300x212
Inertial Principle – Meaning that the air stream flows into the container and abruptly changes course.
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