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Nothing that man has built will last forever, especially if put to hard use and not maintained. And according to Murphy’s Law, breakdowns will happen at the most unsuitable time. That’s why Dustcontrol is not only offering emergency service, but also other service levels to prevent and limit the possible downtime of systems.

Service Contract

By taking a service contract with Dustcontrol you “take the temperature” of your system and prevent unnecessary downtime or expensive repair costs. Inspection, lubrication and adjustment of the unit are all included in the fixed price. You get an inspection report showing the condition of your system and the possibility to extend the warranty – and an emergency service.

Maintenance Service

You can order a maintenance service as required and choose a time that suits you. We overhaul and exchange or repair consumable parts and other components within your system. You get an inspection report and the work is charged to your account.

Emergency Service

Your system has stopped. You have an emergency problem that needs to be investigated. Please contact your local Dustcontrol representative for a quick response.

Your unique service solution by Dustcontrol – The cornerstone of optimal performance

Our service makes sure your central vacuum system from Dustcontrol is fully functional and reliable around the clock. We have several service agreements to optimize your work, profitability, and productivity!

By signing a service care agreement for your Dustcontrol system, you avoid unnecessary downtime and costly repairs. Regardless of the level of service, we offer professional support and extensive inspections. After completing the service, you receive a service report. In addition, all service agreements include a fixed price, discounts on spare parts, and an extended warranty for new installations. The agreements also contain several other benefits and solutions for optimizing energy consumption and performance. 

There are several benefits to signing a service agreement:

  • It extends the life of the system.
  • You get priority in emergency services.
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs as well as energy consumption.
  • Safer use.
  • Minimizes the risk of downtime.
  • Cleaner and healthier work environment.
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Which service agreement suits your company? We know that all companies are unique and can vary in both complexity and requirements. If you are interested in signing a service agreement, contact a salesperson to discuss which level and solution best suits your needs and requirements.

All our customers with a system from Dustcontrol can book a training opportunity. You will then receive basic education about your system, where we go through important information on how to optimally use the system to increase the efficiency and optimization of the system. We also conduct education about dust where we talk about the dangers of dust, the importance of a good central vacuum system, and the filter’s ability to collect the most dangerous particles.

Dustcontrol can customize its products in unique ways to increase your company’s business.

Are you interested in our products but do not know how to implement them in your company? Then we offer customer-specific problem solutions where you together with a salesperson can find an individually developed solution that meets your requirements. For example, do you have a problem related to improvements to your company’s cleaning equipment, machine needs, design options, or do you have a need for training on the dangers of dust?


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