Aviation & Automotive Industry

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The aviation and automotive industry encompass numerous crucial application areas that demand efficient source extraction and cleanliness. These include FOD (foreign object damage) control, composite fabrication, wood handling, coating, and painting, among others.

At Dustcontrol, we offer a comprehensive range of source extraction systems specifically designed for the aviation and automotive sectors. Our systems utilize Dustcontrol standard or ATEX components, many of which are engineered and patented. Our suction casings are developed to perfectly fit equipment that generates dust, such as grinding and drilling machines, sanders, and saws. By employing a central vacuum system, we ensure that dust is effectively collected in a container for convenient disposal. Our extensive product line guarantees reliable solutions, extended product lifespan, and enhanced production efficiency in these industries.

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Nestlé, EADS Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Thyssen Krupp, KRV, The Age, Interseroh, Agrana Zuckerfabrik, Hexal Salutas, Gamesa, Portable Foods (Kelloggs), Brandon Hire, Mars Drinks UK, Sandvik in Sweden. 

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