For over 50 years, Dustcontrol has been a leading designer of systems for the extraction of hazardous dust at its source. Our expertise lies in handling dangerous substances like asbestos, silica dust, and quartz within the construction industry. As demands for cleanliness and efficiency continue to rise, so does the interest in our reliable source extraction solutions.

Dustcontrol’s cutting-edge systems effectively minimize airborne dust, offering significant health and safety benefits. By implementing our solutions, you not only safeguard the well-being of your workers but also enhance productivity and reduce the need for time-consuming and costly clean-up processes. This translates to greater customer satisfaction and minimal interruptions to your operations.

Discover the power of Dustcontrol’s source extraction systems and experience improved cleanliness, heightened efficiency, and a safer work environment.


Cramo, Ramirent, Skanska, JM, Tidermans, Brandon Hire, Speedy Hire, A-Plant, Select Plant Hire, Kier, Jarvis, Travis Perkins, Cantebury Cathedral and Mansell Construction.

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