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The DC 1800 chimney sweeps right hand


Norman Capstick’s old vacuum cleaner at Gibbs & Lund Chimney Services has twin motors which instantly make it very heavy. Because of the entry design into the drum it uses a 40litre drum which also makes it more heavy, wide, bulky and hard to navigate around client’s furniture. The twin motors are very powerful for a short time until the filters start to block. The machine then has to be taken outside for the filters to be cleaned.


Dustcontrol replaced Norman’s old and heavy vacuum cleaner to a much lighter DC 1800 vacuum cleaner. The DC 1800 uses one motor, making the machine much lighter and the 1400W is almost as powerful as the old twin motor machine. When the filters start to block, you can instantly clear them by working the self-cleaning mechanism whilst still using the machine. This means the DC 1800, as an average, is much more powerful than the heavy twin motor machine, because you can keep it at full power all the time. The 20litre drum will almost fill to the top due to the hose entry position and the cyclone design. There is little difference in the amount of collected debris from the old heavy 40litre drum and the new, lighter, 20litre drum of the DC 1800. The optional polythene bags used to line the DC 1800 bin cost a fraction of the old nylon bags and can be re-used. There is no soot odour from the DC 1800 because it has zero emission, thus making jobs smell and feel much cleaner. Finally, it is much slimmer and lighter making it far more user friendly.


  • DC 1800 dust extractor
  • Reverse pulse filter cleaning
  • HEPA H13 filter
  • Hose, Nozzle & Brush


Dustcontrol’s DC 1800 to extract dust, soot odour and other materials from chimney sweeping.

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Gibbs & Lund Chimney Services

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Norman Capstick Dustcontrol UK Ltd: Phil Haskins Sales engineer

Dustcontrol UK Ltd., 7 Beaufort Court , Roebuck Way Knowlhill, Milton Keynes MK5 8HL