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Are you looking at dust extraction solutions for workshops?

As with many industries, the level of health and safety varies from place to place, and so it can be confusing to know which machine to go for when it comes to dust extraction. 

At Dustcontrol, we have a host of solutions, both stationary and mobile, that are able to handle all quantities of dust, ensuring you can find the right workshop dust extraction unit for your individual needs. 

In this blog, we’re exploring those solutions, and helping you understand how to find the solution your workplace requires.

Why Do You Need Workshop Dust Extraction?

Dust, while seemingly benign, can have serious complications on your health if too much is inhaled, or if it’s ingested over long periods of time. 

This makes those working in industries such as stone masonry, woodwork, and even bakeries (flour), susceptible to long-term lung conditions — some of which can prove fatal. 

To put it into perspective, it’s thought that approximately 500 construction site workers die each year from lung-related illnesses. 

Having the correct dust extraction units in your workshop, as well as following other advice, such as wearing the correct PPE, can reduce that risk significantly.

So, Which of Our Dust Extraction Units Do You Need?

To find the right workshop dust extraction solution, you’ll need to think about the following:

  • How big your workshop is;
  • How much dust you produce;
  • How many workers are on-site at any one time;
  • How much space there is;
  • If your needs vary (It’s important not to go too small, as if occasionally you produce more dust, you want to be covered!). 

As every workplace is different, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution; it’s very much dependent on the individual circumstances. 

Let’s take a look at some of the options:

DC 11-Module XL

This stationary extractor is ideal for large workshops with high dust production, such as those dealing with concrete. Equipped with a pre-separator, it can handle various types of dust, chips, and even coolants or emulsions. 


Suited for smaller workshops or areas with limited space, the DC AIRCUBE 1200 is a powerful mobile extractor that effectively cleans the air. It’s particularly popular in wood-working shops for removing hazardous wood dust and in bakeries for eliminating flour particles. Its mobility allows it to be easily manoeuvred around different workstations, ensuring air quality remains optimal throughout the workspace.

DC 2900

The DC 2900 is ideal for workshops with moderate dust generation due to its versatility. Suitable for both stationary and mobile use, this machine is perfect for workshops where flexibility is essential.

These are just three of many in our collections; take a look at our other products to help you find the right one for you.

Consultations and Education

As mentioned previously, each workshop’s dust extraction needs are unique.

To ensure you purchase the correct equipment for your workplace, we recommend speaking to a member of our team, who can assess your environment and dust generation, and recommend a product based on your requirements. 

We also offer workshops, talks, and presentations, where we can come round and speak to your teams about health and safety, and how we can help. 

By doing this, you can rest assured knowing that your health and safety boxes are ticked, and your employees are able to go to work safe in the knowledge that their wellbeing is a priority. 

For more information or arrange an appointment to discuss your dust extraction needs, please contact a member of our team.
Alternatively, why not read our previous blog to go back to basics and discover what dust actually is?

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