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Lighthouse charity

At Dustcontrol, we’re delighted to announce that we’re now officially a sponsor of the incredible Lighthouse construction industry Charity!

Their mission is to enhance the wellbeing of those in the sector — aligning perfectly with our own values.

Keep reading to find out more about their important work, and how we’re getting involved:

The Construction Industry

Construction workers face numerous challenges in the workplace every day — be it injuries, health issues from dust exposure, or the overall strain of their work. 

That’s why it’s so important to support initiatives like the Lighthouse Charity, to help make a difference in people’s lives.

At Dustcontrol, we tackle dust inhalation, helping to prevent long-term sickness such as cancer or silicosis. By supporting the Lighthouse Charity, we’re now also helping to reduce other immense pressures that weigh on those in the industry.

Dustcontrol and the Lighthouse Charity

The Lighthouse Charity offers ongoing support for those working in construction (and their families), helping them navigate through any emotional, physical, and financial difficulties. 

An often under-represented community, construction workers are nearly four times more likely to die by suicide than in any other sector, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

Part of the Lighthouse Charity’s overarching mission is to provide support and advice to those in need, help improve their quality of life, and prevent as many unnecessary deaths as possible. 

Lighthouse Charity: How Our Values Align

At Dustcontrol, we understand the importance of creating safe and healthy working environments for the construction industry. 

With our industrial dust extraction equipment, we ensure workers’ physical health. Now, we’re supporting their mental health, too.

The charity provides essential services, such as:

  • Free helplines, including telephone, live chat, text, and an app;
  • Counselling;
  • Financial assistance;
  • Safe spaces;
  • Critical incident support;
  • Education and training.

These ensure that no construction worker or their family feels alone in times of crisis. 

By sponsoring them, we’re helping to fund these critical services and create a better future for the industry.

What Our Partnership With the Lighthouse Charity Means

Our sponsorship will enable the Lighthouse Charity to continue their invaluable work, reaching even more individuals and families in need. 

We’re showing our commitment to stand alongside the construction community, offering tangible support and resources to improve their wellbeing, and you, too, can pledge a donation, and help make a difference.

So, How Does Lighthouse Support Construction Workers?

Lighthouse covers a wide range of support, from weight management to retirement planning. Other examples include:

Emotional Support

  • Stress;
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Anger;
  • Sleep;
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Physical Wellbeing

  • Occupational health;
  • Aches and pains;
  • Nutrition;
  • Weight management;
  • Cancer support;
  • Alcohol and drug addiction.

Financial Assistance

  • Emergency financial aid;
  • State benefit entitlement;
  • Budgeting;
  • Debt management;
  • Tax, CIC, and Legal advice;
  • Retirement planning.

Lighthouse Charity: Making a Difference

We’re thrilled to be supporting this excellent charity, and are committed to making wellbeing support visible and accessible for everyone working in construction.

Ira Morris, our country manager, said: ‘The construction industry poses a lot of dangers; workers face a high risk of accidents, injuries, and work-related illnesses — more so than many other sectors. 

“The Lighthouse Charity offers them vital support and advice, helping them overcome any challenges. 

“At Dustcontrol, we provide H-Class extraction units to support physical health in the workplace. So, sponsoring Lighthouse made sense; now we can support construction workers even more, and help foster safer, healthier workplaces for all.”

To find out more about the charity and their objectives, please visit their website. Or, for more information about our dust extraction equipment, please contact a member of our team

Alternatively, why not read our previous blog to discover more about health and safety in the workplace?

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